Big thanks to the final year project students!

davThis year’s final year project has been extremely succesful, a big thank you to Amy, Beth, Isa and Millie for all your efforts. Each was given a different group of lysosomal diseases and asked to look at enzyme activities across their cohort. Some fantastic data has emerged from this project and we will certainly be following this up in our lab and in collaboration with our clinical colleagues at UHW. Credit to Abdullah as well for his day to day supervision and growing all those cells! Good luck to you all in your future endeavours, was a pleasure hosting you in the lab.

Emyr on BBC Radio Cymru

Emyr has recently twice featured as a scientific commentator on the BBC Radio Cymru Welsh language “Dan yr Wyneb” program hosted by Dylan Iorwerth. Both episodes can be accessed (in the UK) via the BBC website:

A discussion on evolution (esblygiad yn y Gymraeg) and whether the Welsh co-discoverer of evolution Alfred Russell Wallace has been given enough credit in comparison to Darwin:

A discussion on the DNA editing technology CRISPR, it’s potential for use in treating human diseases including lysosomal diseases and the possibility and dangers of individuals abusing it’s use:

Emyr is always happy to contribute to scientific debates or discussions through the medium of Welsh or English.

Further congratulations to the Emilies

Congrats to both Emily Clark and Emily Maguire on successfully defending their theses over the last couple of weeks. Emily C had her viva on January 18th with Dr. Sean Sweeney as the external and Emily M on February 12th with Dr. Ahad Rahim as the external. Both did fantastic jobs with their defence and now just have minor corrections to do to finish up. Well done both from everyone in the ELE lab and good luck with the next phase of your careers!