New PhD opportunity in Lloyd-Evans lab

Investigating the impact of metallic nanoparticles on biological systems and lysosomal function

The Lloyd-Evans lab, as part of the MRC funded GW4 consortium (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter), is offering a competitively funded PhD project to uncover the impact of metallic nanoparticles on lysosomal function in vitro and in vivo. Metallic nanoparticles ultimately accumulate in lysosomes and have recently been found to be capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and entering the brain. The aim of this project is to determine what impact long term exposure to these nanoparticles has on lysosomal function, especially in the brain, and whether they contribute to neurodegenerative phenotypes such as Alzheimer’s. The project involves the use of cutting edge microscopy (light sheet microscopy, dual radiometric imaging), cutting edge subcellular fractionation techniques (magnetic separation) and cutting edge chemistry techniques (in collaboration with colleagues at Cardiff and Bath). Applications are welcome until November 30th, 2016 and can be made via the following websites:

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