Lloyd-Evans lab at BDFA annual meeting in Stratford upon Avon

We’ve just got back from the 2016 Batten Disease Family Association annual conference which was very successful, interesting, emotive and humbling, as always!

Katie gave a fantastic presentation on her Cardiff Uni/Battle Batten & BDFA funded CLN5 project and Rafa did a great job introducing his Life Science Research Network Wales/BDFA funded CLN8 PhD project to an audience including families, professionals and care givers. Luke joined us on Sunday to present a poster on his Action Medical Research funded work on the function of CLN3, which attracted attention from families present at the meeting. We’re privileged to be part of this community and energised by this meeting to do what we can to further our understanding of these devastating diseases.


Behind us all is this rather impressive artwork using some of our quotes during the meeting and created by www.twovisualthinkers.info:


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