Final year project drug screening success!

A big well done and congratulations go out to our final year project students; Andrew, Emily, Millie and Sophie, who are now reaching the end of their time in the lab and have done a great job with a challenging drug screening project. Focusing on a number of diseases including Krabbe, MPSVII, CLN2 and CLN10 they have accomplished an epic low-throughput drug screen and found some interesting hit compounds that we intend to follow up in the near future. Good luck now with your write ups and with the rest of your degree component and many thanks for having done a stellar job in the lab. You’re all welcome to come back and visit us any time. A big thank you as well to Abdullah, Emily, Katie and Rafa for supporting the final year students throughout their project and now with their write ups. Best wishes, Emyr

P.s. Also, well done Tim on completing your Erasmus project in the lab, we look forward to having you back in the lab for your own final year project on the role of cathepsin D in Alzheimer’s!

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