Scoping out the annual Life Science Research Network Wales conference

November 30-December 1st, 2016

Emyr and Rafa are at the 2016 LSRNW conference at the St. Davids hotel. The LSRNW are co-funding Rafa’s PhD on drug development for the NCL’s, specifically CLN8, alongside the BDFA. We are hoping to make new important connections and consolidate our currently important collaborations to facilitate Rafa’s PhD work.

Amazingly, this morning we found out from Prof Julie Williams that although Wales only makes up 0.14% of the global scientific community, we very much punch above our weight with 0.7% of the world’s highest ranking scientific output. We have also had a very inspirational presentation about how the Welsh government are promoting women in science at Universities here in Wales, attempting to actively address the gender gap in research and showing Wales to be a great place to do research.

There are some very interesting talks on drug development and treatments across these two days, we look forward to presenting our own work at this meeting next year.

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